Over the years the gender disparity in our day to day to lives has come under increasing scrutiny. And for a small section of our society this has fostered a sense of urgency to address this situation to the best of their capabilities. What is still lacking though, is a unification of resources and a sense of direction in these scattered efforts.

The Gravittus Foundation aims to achieve just that; a targeted approach to the betterment of those most in need to ensure that they are able to build and lead a life of dignity with all their constitutional rights intact.

The Gravittus Foundation as well as Gravittus ventures has drawn from its pedigree of a construction major and transformed the group into one of responsible infrastructural developments. While years of involvement in societal agencies like the Pune International Centre (PIC) and Pune Advisory Board, AIESEC ensure that a holistic execution of our vision is achieved.

Mrs. Usha Kakade
Gravittus Foundation

Mrs. Usha Kakade is the Vice Chairman of the most progressive and multi faceted real estate and construction entities Sanjay Kakade Group. Her visionary and astute leadership resulted in Sanjay Kakade Group emerging as a leading conglomerate. She used her vision to strategically diversify business with Gravittus Ventures, a firm that enjoys a strong presence in Pune with its primary business being development of properties in the residential, commercial, retail, education and Health care sectors.

The first project conceived and executed was Kakade Terrace. A sprawling residential and commercial project, it changed the landscape of Warje. She is chairperson of Gravittus Foundation. With her unusual and tremendously ambitious vision, she is reinventing the goals of the company by leading the projects into Health Care and Education Industry. She is an active philanthropist who never misses an opportunity to do her part for the society.

In her words, “Success gives power and freedom. Power and freedom bring huge responsibilies. Responsibility to follow commitments creates benchmarks, provide quality services and work towards the welfare of the society”.

In the year 2011 she started Gravittus Foundation, with her mandate, the Group is involved in meaningful welfare driven activities that distinctively impact the quality of life of the weaker sections of the society. Now Gravittus Foundation (formerly USK Foundation) aims at working towards a better future through education for children and women empowerment.

Mrs. Kakade brings to the Gravittus Foundation a rare vision, deep sense of social responsibility and an untiring dedication to make a difference to the lives of those less fortunate. One of the core focus areas is Women Empowerment & Child development. Gravittus Foundation is committed to work relentlessly for the cause of women from all strata of society, across rural and urban areas, so that they can enjoy their constitutional and legal entitlements, as well as discover opportunities to grow.

Gravittus Foundation is also dedicated to imparting education, instruction and training in different branches of learning to meritorious students from socially and economically backward sections of society.

Gravittus Foundation generously provides grants, aids and scholarships for such students, besides conducting various awareness, training and scholarship programmes, health check-up camps, etc. which benefit the marginalized and less fortunate.

– Founder of Gravittus Foundation

– Vice Chairperson of Sanjay Kakade Group

– Active Member of PIC (Pune International Centre)

– Advisory Board Member of AIESEC

– Advisory Board Member of Service Learning Centre of Symbiosis

  • Paul Harris Fellow recognition from Rotary International
    Achievers of this awards is – Late Mother Theresa, Late  Nelson Mandela, Kofi Anann, Prince Charles, Late Indira Gandhi, King Hussein of Jordan, Pope John Paul II, Padmvibhushan Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar, Padmbhushan Dr Vijay Bhatkar.
  • Giants International Awards for – Social Services
  • Honored by Shrilankan University by rendering Doctorate for Social Service (2016)