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General Questions

The Awards are as follows…

1. Paul Harris Fellow recognition from the Rotary International (Achievers earlier – Late Nelson Mandela, Kofi Anan; Prince Charles; Late Indira Gandhi; King Hussein of Jordan; Pad. Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar; Dr Vijay Bhatkar to name a few)

2. Giants International Award for Social Services

3. Honored by Sri Lanka University by rendering Doctorate for Social Services.

You can write a Crossed Cheque down to “Gravittus Foundation”, the moment the payTM is activated the website would announce the same. Also on demand we will provide the RTGS details.

Gravittus Foundation is a Charity Organization, focused on the empowerment for the WOMAN and CHILD. We believe in giving it back to Society through woman and child. For us Gravittus Foundation is a means through which we share our philanthropic views towards Society.

Gravittus Foundation is different from the rest as it is…

a) An Active Organization, with full time staff working round the clock.

b)  It has its own URJA awards year after year, recognizing outstanding woman in their respective fields.

c) On going Eye Checkup for kids, 311 municipality schools are presently being done. Kids from the poor section of society is the target audience, which is free to them.

d) Ongoing Health Camps on a continuous process for underprivileged children.

e) Completed a dental checkup for 72, 823 children belonging to the lowest social economic strata of society.A success story.

f) Completed a Mehendi program for the visually challenged children, getting that smile back onto their faces.

g) We have conducted programs for woman in self-defense training.

h)  A lot more programs are being planned and have been conducted towards the empowerment of WOMAN and CHILD.

General Questions

The ongoing projects are…

a) Eye Checkup for Kids.

b) Health Camps for the social deprived kids in Maharashtra.

There are two ways in extending your help..

  1. Donate to Gravittus Foundation.
  2. Register yourself for Volunteer work.

Yes, a corporation can contribute to Gravittus Foundation and also get the benfit of Tax exemption under section 80 G. Apart from contribution would also love corporates to participate in getting the smiles and to the less fortunate people of society.

Come be part of our Volunteer team, also you could get in touch with us on our webpage, www.uskfoundation.com.When it comes to matter of trust, we maintain highest level of transparency in our work, also if you plan to be part of us in an event you will directly understand our commitment to society. Our audited balance sheets are also available on request.

As stated earlier, this is a continuous program for both Woman and Kids, apart from our ongoing programs we are approaching URJA awards, schedule shortly this year and also health programs for children.