Women welfare in india


16 October, 2016 India, Causes
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The fastest way to change
society is to mobilize the
women of the world.


women welfare in india

Women empowerment has long been recognized as one of the central  parameters of development in a nation. While this knowledge has for some time now been acknowledged in various media, fora and policy there has been inadequate progress in the area if any. Gravittus Foundation aims to address this disparity and has established several projects towards this end. Moderated self help groups have been organized as support systems to help these women cope with the changes that come along with an increasing awareness of the importance of being independent in their day to day lives. Programs for adolescent girls have been organized; educating and sensitizing their young minds on concepts of gender roles and importance of equality. Counseling sessions and self defense training camps are also conducted in
alliance with local ground partners.

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